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"After his death, Knockout created an AI based on his past good friend, named BREAKDOWN."


The REAL reason Ultra Magnus never gets any work done around the base.


KO giving a belly rub to a dinobot, requested by skie-dragon. This is ridiculous I have no excuse


My big spike don’t
My big spike don’t
My big spike don’t want none
Unless you got bots, hun

Oh primus, look at his butt
Oh primus, look at his butt

Look at that robutt and loooooooook at his butt.

:) heheh


synchronous drawing with Mornauro

Because noosphere has us.


- What, nothing?
- …
- Not a single joke?
- …
- Usually you are far more chatty.
- First, it’s humiliating. Second, cut off these fucken missiles. And third, get fragged, you yucky bashi-bazouk.

Fake Movie Posters: Videogame Edition Redux

inFAMOUS Second Son | PS4 | Photo Mode